Ra Ma. Palaniappan

Keynote Speaker with a passion to advocate debt free life.

Author of the book ‘Zero EMI – Unlock Your Financial Freedom’

Ex-Banker turned IT Program Manager with 15+ years of corporate experience.

Financial Freedom

Create assets. Build wealth. Remove debt. As a speaker, I help you on the path to financial freedom. A bucket with holes will leak water! A life of debt will leak happiness. Invite me to speak about leading a debt free life and a life of financial freedom.

Personal Finance Management

Declutter your personal finances. Bring some discipline so that you do not need to panic at times of crisis. I help you to be well-organized and prepare you to face the unprepared situations. Do not panic. Let us work together to manage your personal finances better.

Zero EMI

Zero percent EMI is a myth! Zero EMI is a bliss. Establish your financial goals, draft a plan and work towards it. Does this sound like an open-heart surgery? Do not worry. I am coming up with a book that will help you to lead a Zero EMI life. Trust me, Zero EMI can become a reality for you.

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